Tower Lighting

Flash Tech
Medium Intensity Strobe
Honeywell FG-2000
Medium Intensity Strobe
Strobe Light Test Bench
Repairing Strobe Light

We provide a wide range of tower lighting services to the industry. We specialize in technical troubleshooting and maintenance of existing systems. We are factory trained by Flash Technology for the installation, maintenance and repair of all of their strobe lighting systems. Our services include the installation, troubleshooting and repair of Flash Technology high and medium intensity strobe systems as well as Honeywell medium intensity strobe systems. We install and maintain all types of incandescent light systems.

Tower Inspections

Troubleshooting Steerable Dish Antenna
Inspecting Steerable Dish Antenna

Our customers rave about how thorough and how well documented our comprehensive tower inspections are. We use two Penn Tech Tensionometers to measure guy wire tension. We use David White transits to measure tower plumb and twist. We also have Dakota Ultrasonics ultrasound equipment to measure steel thickness for those tubular leg towers. Two cameras are used for photo documentation for all of our tower inspections. A Nikon 6006 camera is used for providing print photos and a digital camera is used to provide our clients with e-mail photos and a disk. Our written tower inspections are included in a professional binder so they can be archived for reference for years to come.

Tower Painting

Tower Painting in Progress
Tower Painting Completed

Bottom Half of Tower.

Completed Painting Project
in Southport, NC

We are one of the few companies still around that specializes in tower painting. Tower painting is one of the most difficult jobs in the tower industry. We pride ourselves in doing the best work in the industry. We also use the highest quality paints for the particular application. Some environments are more harsh than others. We maintain a number of towers on the Outer Banks of NC where corrosion is a continuing issue. Our application of paint is by painting mitt. We never spray paint a tower as the paint must be thinned. Tower painting is too important to be using thinned paint.

Lines and Antennas

Installing Ice Shield at 1800 Feet
Transmission Line Troubleshooting
Antenna Bay Inspection
FM Broadcast Antenna Inspection

Our company will install lines up to 3 inch diameter and antennas up to the smaller broadcast type. We have installed ERI, Jampro and Shively broadcast antennas. We also install smaller microwave dish antennas up to eight feet in diameter. Most of our work is with broadcast TV and Radio stations. We are equipped with RF suits and the NARDA RF personal monitor. Instead of having to shut down the broadcast transmitter or scheduling work after midnight, we can safely work at reduced power levels during day light hours with our RF suits.

Site Maintenance

Weatherproofing Steerable Microwave Antenna Connectors
Steerable Controller Maintenance
at 1800 Feet

As a result of our clients being totally satisfied with our tower services, we have started to maintain a number of tower sites. We offer a comprehensive site maintenance package where we will maintain the tower compound, guy paths and the anchor points. We even pick up and discard all trash and debris! This package can be tailored to your specific needs.

´░╣right, Adams Tower, 2005